Weekly newsletter or bulletin insert: Contact your alma maters about climate change, and Bishop Steve Charleston

This week's tip is to leverage your role as an alumni and write to your high school and university alma maters about climate change, and our quote is from Bishop Steve Charleston. Think having a green corner in your church newsletter or bulletin is a great idea, but don’t have time to write one? Episcopal... Continue Reading →


Mourning and Celebrating Notre Dame

Notre Dame is like the world's glaciers, forests, and species: The cathedral took centuries to create, its beauty connects us to God, and it feels like it will last forever. But as reporter Dave Roberts has noted, like the world's glaciers, forests, and species, even Gothic cathedrals can sustain massive damage in the blink of... Continue Reading →

Local Projects: The Piedmont Patch in Chapel Hill, NC

This week’s ECN local-project spotlight features the Episcopal Church of the Advocate in Chapel Hill, NC. Share on Facebook According to a church press release, Church of the Advocate received two grants totaling $9,600 “to support the education, communication and digital resources production efforts of the Piedmont Patch project expansion of food production.” What is... Continue Reading →

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