Local Projects: Trinity, Mineral Point, WI

This week’s ECN local-project spotlight features Trinity Episcopal Church in Mineral Point, WI. According to a church press release, Trinity received a $10,000 grant for “two garden projects with signage, one speaker series, a film series and a children’s faith formation series.”

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If you’re anywhere near the parish, don’t miss the third annual film festival! This year’s theme is “Wild Child.” Films will include March of the Newts, Meet the Real Wolf, Mexican Fishing Bats, How Animals Hibernate, The Path Back, and Clay Bolt. RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/342920139938989/

What a comprehensive program – and yet these are all simple things your parish can do, too! Thank you for the inspiring example of a lively faith, Trinity Church.

Full disclosure: ECN’s new volunteer deputy editor was a member of the committee that awarded these grants. Both volunteer editors are now volunteers on the task force that will administer the next round of grants.

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