Weekly newsletter/bulletin insert: Reduce Junk Mail, and the Episcopal Public Policy Network

In this week’s free Creation Corner for church newsletters and bulletins, our green-living tip is to reduce junk mail, and our quote is from the official Episcopal Public Policy Network. Share this week’s column on Facebook.

Living on God’s Earth
By Episcopal Climate News, facebook.com/EpiscopalClimateNews

This week’s earth-friendly living tip: Reduce junk mail

How much unwanted mail do you receive each month? All that junk mail can add up to a lot of trees — and a lot of fuel for the mail truck.

The New York Times has the following tips for reducing unwanted junk mail:

“CatalogChoice.org is free and lets you set preferences one catalog at a time. The Association of National Advertisers runs DMAChoice.org, which lets you remove your name from a broader categories and lists, though there’s a $2 fee.”

“There’s also OptOutPrescreen.com, which is recommended by the Federal Trade Commission and run by the major credit bureaus. It lets you stop preapproved credit or insurance offers for up to five years.

“And don’t forget to sign up for electronic delivery for of bank, credit card and other account statements. Just be sure you don’t need a physical copy of those documents.”

Read more at https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/31/climate/nyt-climate-newsletter-mail.html

Episcopal Climate News quote of the week: The Episcopal Public Policy Network

The official Episcopal Public Policy Network, part of the Presiding Bishop’s office, is publishing a Creation Care Series on its website:

“When we are surrounded by the abundance and wealth of the natural world, in awe of all that God has given us, we must also recognize that humans have changed earth cycles, surface, creatures and climate. As Christians, we are called to be stewards of creation as a way of respecting our God, its creator. Through the General Convention, The Episcopal Church has remained committed to addressing environmental issues through policy, charging the Office of Government Relations to take on significant issues pertaining to energy reform and environmental justice.”

Read the rest of the introduction and get involved here: https://www.episcopalchurch.org/posts/ogr/eppn-creation-care-series-introduction

Share this week’s column on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EpiscopalClimateNews/posts/400372357351429/

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