Video: Episcopal Bishops Take Action for Creation

The Episcopal Church bishops of Province VIII took Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s “Creation-Care Pledge,” and then they made a short video telling us why. Hear from Katharine Jefferts Schori and many more — it’s inspiring and well worth the watch! And then after you watch, take the pledge for yourself.

Bishop Gretchen Rehberg from the Diocese of Spokane: “[My predecessor] Bishop Waggoner got rid of all the Styrofoam in our diocese. The activity has gone to composting the coffee grounds from coffee hour. I personally? No more single-use plastics. We’re getting rid of ’em… Take the Creation-Care Pledge because this is God’s creation, and we are called to take care of it.”

“My name is Patrick Bell. I’m the bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon, and I’m also taking the Creation-Care Pledge. We’re taking 80 acres at our camp and conference center and returning it to native grasses and the wetlands to bring some green to the earth. I invite you to join with me.”

“I’m Scott Hayashi, the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, and I’m taking the Creation-Care Pledge. The one step I’m taking already is to stop shaving in the shower. My shower now only lasts three minutes. Join me – in the pledge, not in the shower!”

Join the bishops by taking the pledge here:

And be sure to share the video with your fellow Episcopalians: on Facebook now, and on your phone at church coffee hour!

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