Church Pension Fund Announces $40 Million Investment in Clean Energy

Big news: The Church Pension Fund, a major financial organization that serves the Episcopal Church, announced on Wednesday, April 3, that it has invested $40 million in clean energy. Budgets are moral documents, and this is an important moral statement from the church about climate change and environmental justice. Given recent news that it is... Continue Reading →

Video: Episcopal Bishops Take Action for Creation

The Episcopal Church bishops of Province VIII took Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's "Creation-Care Pledge," and then they made a short video telling us why. Hear from Katharine Jefferts Schori and many more -- it's inspiring and well worth the watch! And then after you watch, take the pledge for yourself. Bishop Gretchen Rehberg from... Continue Reading →

Climate Change Announced as Theme for the Diocese of Upper South Carolina’s Annual Convention

Each year, the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina's annual convention includes a "Leadership Day" of keynote speakers and breakout sessions. This year, Bishop W. Andrew Waldo announced on October 17,  Leadership Day will focus on climate change and environmental stewardship. "As Christians," Bishop Waldo said in a YouTube video, "we need to take care of what God... Continue Reading →

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