20 books about religion and ecology for the Christian readers on your list

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for the preacher or Christian reader in your life? Try these books about faith and the environment! Alphabetical by author:


  • Sisters of Dust, Sisters of Spirit, by Karen Baker-Fletcher, Professor of Systematic Theology at Southern Methodist University’s Perkins School of Theology. A defining text in the field of eco-womanism. Baker-Fletcher “combines a keen awareness of environmental racism with reflection on her own journey and a keen constructive theological vision.”
  • Ecology and Religion by John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker, pioneers of the academic field of religion and ecology, and students of the aforementioned Thomas Berry (as well as mentors of the ECN editor). A good introductory book that looks at what multiple world religions, including Christianity, can offer to ecological efforts.
  • GreenFaith: Mobilizing God’s People to Save the Earth, by Fletcher Harper. Concrete examples and tips that will help people of faith and worshiping communities engage in Earth care—in bold, life-giving ways. Each chapter has questions to guide personal study and group conversation.
  • Resurrection Matters: Church Renewal for Creation’s Sake, by the Rev. Nurya Love Parish. Parish, an Episcopal priest, is the founder of Plainsong Farm and a leading voice in the Christian food movement. Resurrection Matters is Plainsong’s story, as well as “a fruitful study and action guide for any church that owns property and in which groups gather together to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. It helps groups connect their faith and the assets that they steward for God’s mission, recognizing these assets as gifts for ministry with their wider community.”
  • God’s Good Earth: Praise and Prayer for Creation, by Dr. Anne and Bishop Jeffery Rowthorn. Published just this month, the newest book listed here. A collection of 52 beautiful, ready-made environmental prayer services, drawing from a rich variety of ecumenical resources and authors.

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