Weekly ECN Newsletter/Bulletin Insert: Green Christmas Trees, and the Rev. Rob Mark on Advent

This week’s green-living tip is to pick a green Christmas tree, and our quote is the Rev. Rob Mark on the link between Advent and climate change.

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Living on God’s Earth
By Episcopal Climate News, facebook.com/EpiscopalClimateNews

This week’s earth-friendly living tip: Pick a green Christmas tree

What’s better for the environment: Real or artificial Christmas trees? There are arguments to be made for both, but many experts agree that the best way to go is a real tree from a tree farm, not a plastic tree that will be hard to recycle. (If you are allergic to evergreen trees, please ignore this advice, and take care of your health!)

According to reporter Karen Zraick in the New York Times,

“A five- or six-foot tree takes just under a decade to grow, and once it’s cut down, the farmer will generally plant at least one in its place. The trees provide many benefits to the environment as they grow, cleaning the air and providing watersheds and habitats for wildlife… Most of the artificial trees on the market are made of PVC and steel in China and shipped to the United States — and eventually sent to a landfill. …

“Bill Ulfelder, the executive director of the Nature Conservancy in New York, said real trees were ‘unquestionably’ the better option. He recommended shopping locally and recycling the tree. …Thomas Harman, the founder and chief executive of Balsam Hill, a high-end artificial tree company, said that his factories recycle scrap plastic for use in some components of their products. But manufacturing a recyclable tree has been challenging. In the meantime, he encouraged people to reuse trees and to adorn them with LED lights, which save energy.”

Episcopal Climate News quote of the week: The Rev. Rob Mark on Advent

“Advent is a season of preparation and longing for light. This year, our world seems to need Advent more than ever – in the face of growing fear over violent extremism, displacement and instability. Our planet and her people cry out. Advent is a perfect time to explore how our faith empowers us to face our fears and work for peace through climate justice. For climate changes everything. But so does Advent.”

– The Rev. Rob Mark is a United Church of Christ pastor in Boston. This quote is from his article, “Should Climate Change Be Addressed During Advent Season?

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