Weekly ECN Newsletter/Bulletin Insert: Eat seasonally this winter, and Dr. Karen Baker-Fletcher

This week's tip is to eat in-season foods this winter, and our quote is from Professor Karen Baker-Fletcher. Think having a green corner in your parish newsletter or bulletin is a great idea, but don’t have time to research or write one? Episcopal Climate News is here to help! Every Monday, ECN offers a free... Continue Reading →


Weekly ECN Newsletter/Bulletin Insert: End the environmentally harmful shutdown, and Margaret Bullitt-Jonas on Baptism

After a brief hiatus due to holiday travel and ordination exams, the weekly Episcopal Climate News column is back! Feel free to copy and paste this green-living tip and theological quote for your parish newsletter or bulletin, editing or shortening as your space requires. Share this week’s column on Facebook. Living on God’s EarthBy Episcopal... Continue Reading →

No column this week. Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! Many parish offices will be closed between Christmas and New Year's, and the Episcopal Climate News editors are spending time with their families too. That means there's no new ECN column for bulletins or newsletters this week, but you can always browse the archives to recycle previous material, either here on the... Continue Reading →

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