Local Projects: Holy Hikes from All Saints, San Leandro

This week’s ECN local-project spotlight features All Saints Episcopal Church in San Leandro, CA.

[Image removed due to copyright and privacy request]

According to a church press release, All Saints received a grant for $6,420 to “support the development of new chapters of the Holy Hikes ministry through advertising, administrative support and communications.”

All Saints explains more on their website: “Holy Hikes is a ministry founded in 2010 by the Rev. Justin R. Cannon. Holy Hikes brings people together on the fourth Saturday of each month at 10am for a liturgical hike. The group celebrates the Holy Eucharist in the context of a hike in nature areas within the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, San Mateo, and San Francisco. The location changes monthly to allow for a diverse experience and for people in all areas of the Bay to be nurtured by this ministry. Holy Hikes is: Christian, Contemplative, Sacramental, Liturgical, Diverse, Inclusive, Beautiful.”

Why? As the Holy Hikes website quotes the Rev. Dr. Thomas Berry, “There is no such thing as ‘human community’ without the earth and the soil and the air and the water and all the living forms. Without these, humans do not exist. In my view, the human community and the natural world will go into the future as a single sacred community or we will both perish in the desert.”

Thank you for your powerful ministry, All Saints!

Full disclosure: ECN’s new volunteer deputy editor was a member of the committee that awarded these grants. Both volunteer editors are now volunteers on the task force that will administer the next round of grants.

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