Weekly newsletter/bulletin insert: Turn down the AC, and the Episcopal Vision for Creation Care

In this week’s free Creation Corner for church newsletters and bulletins, our green-living tip is to turn down the AC this summer, and our quote comes from the official Episcopal Vision for Creation Care. Share this week’s column on Facebook.

Living on God’s Earth
By Episcopal Climate News, facebook.com/EpiscopalClimateNews

This week’s earth-friendly living tip: Turn off the AC

Consider turning off, or at least turn down, the air conditioner this summer!

Our ACs might bring temporary relief from the heat, but the energy they use also helps create that very same hot weather. Air conditioning requires more than 100 million tons of CO2 each year — or the equivalent of 21.5 million cars.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, with exceptions for some senior citizens and people with certain health issues, many of us don’t even need AC. Americans lived without it for centuries, and even today, only 8% of residents in the world’s hottest countries have it. Let’s care for God’s creation by keeping our ACs off whenever possible, and never setting the summer thermostat below 73 degrees.

Episcopal Climate News quote of the week: “An Episcopal Vision for Creation Care”

This week we feature passages from the “Episcopal Vision for Creation Care,” developed by the Presiding Bishop’s office and leaders of the 2015-2018 Advisory Council on Stewardship of Creation, and available in full at https://www.episcopalchurch.org/creation-care/episcopal-vision.

“As a whole church, we have promised to place the care of God’s Creation at the heart of our common life. Together, we have taken up church-wide action in order to safeguard the integrity of Creation and to sustain and renew the life of the Earth. Below are goals and a vision for Care of Creation…

“Loving – Goal #1: Create and sustain a network of Episcopalians dedicated to the care and protection of the whole Creation, especially by providing grants and cultivating circles for Story Sharing among practitioners in local and regional ministries.

“Liberating – Goal #2: Stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable victims of the impact of climate change – particularly women, poor people, and people of color – as part of seeking the liberation and flourishing of all God’s people.

“Life-Giving – Goal #3: Set climate mitigation benchmarks as individuals and as a church, in order to live more simply, humbly, and gently on the Earth.”

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