Church Resolutions: Solidarity with the Gwich’in People

This year, General Convention — the legislative governing body of the Episcopal Church — passed 19 resolutions for the care of God’s creation. Each Tuesday, we feature one here!

X023 HB Report #8_ Solidarity with the Gwich_in People

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2018-X023: Solidarity with the Gwich’in People

“With open and broken hearts,” this resolution from the House of Bishops acknowledged “the struggle and plight of the Gwich’in People,” reaffirmed the church’s opposition to drilling in ANWR (which is sacred to the indigenous Gwich’in nation), and states respect for the wisdom and authority of the Gwich’in elders and leaders.

Learn more about Native Alaskan Bernadette Demientieff’s testimony at General Convention and the bishops’ support for the Gwich’in here:

Read the full text of the resolution here:

Learn about all 19 resolutions here:

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