Local Projects: Grace Church, Charlottesville

This week’s ECN local-project spotlight features Grace Church in the Diocese of Virginia!

181115 SOC Grant_ Grace Church, North Garden, VA

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Last year, the Episcopal Church approved 44 Stewardship of Creation grants for local projects, including many great ideas that your parish or diocese could do too. Every Thursday, to help highlight the exciting work happening across God’s church and provide examples of what your own parish or diocese might do, we highlight one of the grant winners here.

According to a church press release, Grace Church in North Garden, VA, near Charlottesville, received $8,000 “for a two-day conference entitled Exploring Bioregional Spirituality in the Rivanna River Watershed. Papers and outcomes for learnings will be shared with the wider-church.” Thank you, Grace Church!

This is just one of two grants Grace Church has received. A separate round of funding for $7,400 supported the parish’s Charis Community, “a young-adult intentional community’s permaculture best-practices initiative, which invites community and nearby churches into sacred appreciation of the land.”

Could your parish or community also plan a local conference, or perhaps join with other churches or local organizations or schools to do so?

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