Local Projects: Catedral de San Pablo, Bogotá, Colombia

The Episcopal Church is not just in the USA. Did you know that Province 2 includes both the Dioceses of Haiti and Cuba plus the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe, Province 8 includes Taiwan, and Province 9 includes five other countries in Latin America?

This week’s Episcopal Climate News local project spotlight features Catedral de San Pablo in Bogotá, Colombia!

181108 SOC Grant_ Catedral de San Pablo

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Last year, the Episcopal Church approved 44 Stewardship of Creation grants for local projects, including many great ideas that your parish or diocese could do too. Every Thursday, to help highlight the exciting work happening across God’s church and provide examples of what your own parish or diocese might do, we highlight one of the grant winners here.

According to a church press release, Catedral de San Pablo (Diocese of Colombia) received $4,250 “to build a partition wall and plant native plants to alleviate pollution in the area around the Cathedral. Project will also include an educational and formation program on greenhouse gas emission engaging the local community and the cathedral’s congregation.” Thank you for this invaluable and faithful ministry, Diocese of Colombia!

Could your parish or community also plant a garden, or offer similar formation programs on the connection between faith and greenhouse gases?

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