Local Projects: St. Columba Conference and Retreat Center, Memphis, TN

The Episcopal Church has approved 44 Stewardship of Creation grants for local projects, including many great ideas that your parish or diocese could do too. Every Thursday, to help highlight the exciting work happening across God’s church, we highlight one here.

SOC Grant_ St. Columba Conference Center

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Today we highlight bees in the Diocese of West Tennessee! This $9,765 grant funded a “collaborative program between the St Columba Episcopal Conference and Retreat Center and Thistle & Bee [to] develop and expand a bee pollinator program and educate visiting groups about the theological and practical need for supporting bee pollination.”

According to the center’s website, “St. Columba is now home to a one-acre flower and herb farm and over a dozen honeybee hives. Campers and guests now have opportunities to visit the hives and gardens to learn more about the ecosystem, discuss our role in preserving an important environmental balance, and take pride in knowing that organizations working together can accomplish much more together than they ever could apart.”

Learn more about St. Columba’s commitment to environmental stewardship and their exciting new partnership with Thistle & Bee Enterprises here: https://www.saintcolumbamemphis.org/thistleandbee/

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