Weekly ECN Newsletter/Bulletin Insert: Rise for Climate, and the Season of Creation

Think having a green corner in your parish newsletter or bulletin is a great idea, but don’t have time to research or write one? Episcopal Climates News is here to help! Every Monday, to help Christians live out our faith in daily life, ECN will offer a green-living tip and a theological quote that your parish can use in its weekly newsletter or bulletin. Just copy/paste the text below for your parish communications, and feel free to edit as space requires. Share this week’s column on Facebook.

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Background image credit: Shadia Fayne Wood, Project Survival Media, Forward on Climate march in D.C., 02/17/2013.

Living on God’s Earth
By Episcopal Climate News, facebook.com/EpiscopalClimateNews

This week’s earth-friendly living tip: Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice on September 8

This September, global leaders will gather in California for the Global Climate Action Summit. Just before the summit, on Saturday, September 8th, Americans and other concerned people around the globe will speak out at a series of events called “Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice.” Can you attend one of these events and make your voice heard?

Taking “green” steps in our individual lives and parishes is an important part of fighting human-caused climate change, but it won’t be quite enough. We also need to work together to change the larger systems of our society. That’s why on September 8, tens of thousands of people from across the country — including faith groups like Green Faith and Interfaith Power & Light — will be present in the streets, at rallies and town halls, and at community forums to demand bold climate action and shape the future of the world for years to come. Visit https://peoplesclimate.org to find an event near you and RSVP today. If you can attend an event, bring a sign or wear a shirt or cross that marks you as a person of faith – it’s up to us to show the world that climate change is a moral issue!

Then on Wednesday, September 12, the summit will kick off with a multi-faith service in San Francisco’s Grace (Episcopal) Cathedral. You can livestream the service online: Visit https://www.gracecathedral.org or http://globalclimateactionsummit.org for more information.

Episcopal Climate News quote of the week: The Season of Creation

Each year, Christian churches around the world — including our own Anglican Communion — unite in celebration of the “Season of Creation” from September 1 to October 4. Here is the “Faith leaders’ invitation to join the Season of Creation,” signed by the Most Rev. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury (among others):

“Once every year, we as members of the Christian family set aside time to deepen our relationship with the Creator, each other, and all of creation… During the Season of Creation, we join together to rejoice in the good gift of creation and reflect on how we care for it. This season offers a precious opportunity to pause in the midst of our day-to-day lives and contemplate the fabric of life into which we are woven.

“As the environmental crisis deepens, we Christians are urgently called to witness to our faith by taking bold action to preserve the gift we share. As the psalmist sings, ‘The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein’ (Psalm 24:1-2). During the Season of Creation, we ask ourselves: Do our actions honor the Lord as Creator? Are there ways to deepen our faith by protecting ‘the least of these,’ who are most vulnerable to the consequences of environmental degradation?

“We invite you to join us on a journey of faith that challenges and rewards us with fresh perspective and deeper bonds of love. United in our sincere wish to protect creation and all those who share it, we join hands across denominations as sisters and brothers in Christ. During this season, we walk together towards greater stewardship of our place in creation.”

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