Local Projects: Emmanuel Church, Newport, RI

The Episcopal Church has approved 44 Stewardship of Creation grants for local projects, including many great ideas that your parish or diocese could do too. Every Thursday, to help highlight the exciting work happening across God’s church, we feature one here!

SOC Grant_ Emmanuel Newport

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Today, our hat’s off to Emmanuel Church, Newport in the Diocese of Rhode Island. Emmanuel received $10,000 “to support hydroponic gardening with children; food to go to local pantry with important focus on developing meditation, and worship materials to deepen reflection on God’s creation.” Congratulations on the grant, and thank you for this important witness and ministry!

Emmanuel is no stranger to environmental work: The parish green team is chaired by Steve MacAusland​, co-founder of Interfaith Power and Light. The parish website’s description of its Environment Committee says,

“Again and again, throughout the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, we are reminded that God created the heavens AND the earth. Chaired by Steve MacAusland, the members of The Environment Committee hold, therefore, that the Earth is sacred and is worthy of our love, respect, and protection. We gather together as a Committee of Emmanuel Church to share our stories, dreams, challenges, and successes of living in harmony with Creation. We seek to learn from and support each other in our efforts to do so. Our mission is to become more loving and faithful as individuals and to share our love with others in ever increasing circles to include our friends and families here at Emmanuel Church and beyond. Among those projects already making progress are: composting, recycling, energy efficiency lighting and replacement, and outreach to other churches in Newport.” via https://www.emmanuelnewport.org/ministries/outreach/

Does your parish have a Green Team or Environment Committee of its own? What are you doing to teach children about God’s role in creation and our relationship to the rest of the earth community?

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